Program Highlights

Provide solid coverage with ease

Thank you for your partnership with ProAssurance.

  • We strive to ensure you and your dentists are treated fairly in all aspects of doing business with us—from the submission process to providing value-added risk resource programs and proven dental practice claims-handling. Our DentistCare® team provides members of the program with the best solutions for your dental market.

  • DentistCare policies can be tailored for solo, small group, and large dental service organizations.

  • We offer claims-made and occurrence forms in most states (Occurrence not available in DC, MI, MO, NJ, NV, and OH).

  • Our key endorsement, PracticeGuard®, provides covered expenses for a replacement dentist if the insured is away from the practice due to injury or illness. It can also provide covered expenses, business overhead, and a total disability/death benefit. 

  • A wide variety of no-fee and no-interest-fee premium payment plans are available.

  • We are happy to provide ongoing training, marketing presentations, and point-of-sale assistance. ProAssurance may also be able to provide promo and sponsorship support in PRA/agent joint marketing efforts.

For marketing support, call 517-347-6308, or email Michael Peterman, Vice President of Dental Programs, at, or email Lucy Meehan-Siebenaler, DentistCare Market Manager, at

Agent Resources

Find quick access to the people and resources you need most.

Agents and insureds can access policy forms, billing/invoice information, and risk resources (including online dental seminars) by creating an account from the sign in page on