Frequently Asked Questions

Our experienced staff of DentistCare agents provide answers to frequently asked questions about our dental liability insurance programs.

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General Questions

DentistCare is a professional liability insurance program for dentists, oral surgeons, and other dental specialists.

DentistCare is underwritten by ProAssurance companies.

Yes. DentistCare policies are backed by the financial strength of ProAssurance, one of the largest medical professional liability insurers in the nation. ProAssurance has been in business for over 35 years.

ProAssurance Group is rated "A" (Excellent) by A.M. Best and has a long history of being among the most financially sound professional liability insurers in the business. Tens of thousands of healthcare professionals and entities have made ProAssurance their provider of choice.

You can apply for DentistCare through knowledgeable local agents who know your state’s practice environment. Find a DentistCare agent near you.

Coverage forms vary by state. Please consult a DentistCare agent for information about the type(s) of coverage available in your state.

DentistCare goes beyond the ordinary with enhanced coverage and features, including: PracticeGuard, defense of governmental investigations and disciplinary actions, and payment of a patient’s immediate medical expenses required as a result of professional services furnished by an insured. Please visit our Coverage page for more information about these unique coverage features.

Yes. Employed dental hygienists and assistants are covered employees under your policy.

This coverage is not included in your policy, but can be provided by ProAssurance. Please consult your agent for more information.

An extended reporting endorsement (tail coverage) is provided at no additional premium for insured professionals who:

  • Attain age 55 and have been insured continuously by ProAssurance for at least the immediately preceding five years;
  • Are unable to work due to a permanent disability; or
  • Permanently retire from the practice of dentistry.